Golf Course Maintenance


Why Consider The Drain Caddie Nozzle For Your Course?


• The Drain Caddie will pay for itself the first time it is used (compared to using an outside contractor).

• The Drain Caddie allows maintenance crews to use existing irrigation systems to supply water for cleaning, and eliminates potential course damage resulting from heavy contractor equipment.

• Drain Caddies are custom drilled to match sprinkler systems flow and pressure capabilities. The result is optimized cleaning performance.

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Many golf courses utilize extensive irrigation and drainage systems for water management. While essential to the system, the drains are vulnerable to blockages from soil and sand migration. In addition, grass clippings and leaves can clog catch basins at various times of the year. These conditions can adversely affect course operations and must be repaired quickly. One solution is to use an outside contractor for the clean up, however they are costly and may not be available when needed. Furthermore, their heavy equipment can damage the turf.


An alternative is to use the readily available sprinkler system water along with staff labor and the Drain Caddie nozzle. All that is needed, besides the nozzle, is a hose with a 3/4" or 1” NPT male threaded adapter on one end and the appropriate adapter to connect to the sprinkler system on the other. Sprinkler systems which are capable of 100 PSI pressure and flow rates of 40 to 80 GPM will provide sufficient power to flush the lines.


To clean a blocked drainage line, the crew would locate a drain access point downstream from the obstruction, connect the hose to a convenient supply point, insert the nozzle inside the line a few feet and turn on the water. The Drain Caddie spray pattern utilizes a front jet to cut through blockages as the rear jets propel the nozzle up the line. Once the nozzle has broken through the obstruction, the hose is slowly withdrawn while the eight rear jets set at two angles provide a two stage blast of water to dislodge and flush the debris from the drain line.


Every Drain Caddie is custom drilled to match the flow and pressure specs of the water system. The result is a nozzle that’s perfectly matched to the system for optimized performance.

The Drain Caddie 

Ideal For Cleaning

  • 4" to 6" Drain Lines

  • Blocked Sand Traps

  • Catch Basins

Uses Existing Irrigation System Water Supply!

Available In 3/4" NPT for $83.00 and 1" NPT for $116.00

Most orders are shipped within 2 business days.

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